Days Training at Snetterton - 40th Birthday Present

me - head sticking out of car, gonna have to use different seat for racing..

Anne-Marie bought this for me as a 40th birthday present "so i didn't kill myself in the VX next year"

Basically a day at Snetterton with an instructor learning how to drive the VX220 Turbo..... its a bit different to the Golf...

Was teamed up with Ryan Hooker - British GT car driver... damn he is fast...

here is a video of bits of the day, sorry there is nothing before lunch - forgot to put a tape in the camera...

edit version - a bit smaller

snett nov 2006 2.mpg

Anne-Marie & Ryan - showing her how it should be done :-)

am snett.mpg

Anne-Marie, all smiles - just about to go out on track, shame I didn't get one when she came back in...


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