Running - Snetterton and back...

Yeah, just back from an overnighter near Snetterton, getting ECU / Loom / Throttle linkage fitted and a short session of the rolling road to get any sort of map running.

spent all morning fighting to get my modified accelerator pedal to even half work. Had to butcher the "Fly-by-wire" one and fit a cable to it, and then thread this through the bodywork, and attach it to the throttle body. - easy ? no way my friend. These wasn't enough travel in the pedal to fully open the throttle, not even 50%... A few hours on the milling machine and i have a new throttle linkage, with approx 20-30% more travel, so not 100% but close enough for now. - Thanks to Dave at emerald for his hard work on this one. And Paul Dove for sorting out the loom.

Session on the rolling road showed up about 80% power and revs, so not too worried, gonna have to learn to drive it before i let it all loose... back mid season for another session - once i have sorted out the exhaust.

Results, 168 BHP at the wheels, at 5700 rpm, and about 190 ftlbs. so almost what the book says. only running about 4 psi boost.

Dump valve and turbo make all sort of strange noises..


Last Updated: 03/28/2007 11:12 PM