Post Oulton Park Fixing

having done my best to trash the car at Oulton, had some work to do... firstly i got sick of visiting the scenery every time there is any moisture around, so have bitten the bullet and bought a set of full wets, cost a small fortune, but the upside is, as i now have wet tyres it will probably stay dry for the remaining 3 races of the season.

Fronts - TOYO TS1-R soft ish

rears - Avon ZZ3 - pretty soft as well - snazzy tread pattern

been working on misfire problems as well - got a new coil pack.. only 60 quid and the other one was original from the donor car... looked a bit tatty..

been fiddling around with the front camber settings, having watched video footage and looking at photos, it would appear I could do with some more front camber, so removed one of the spacers on either side, should give approx 1 more camber.

single plate removed

had a quick look at the damage following my meeting with the tyres, need to to repair the break in the front end, and add some bracing to the bottom of the under tray

front part is getting rather scruffy, less and less paint

need to replace cable ties and make this part stronger,
gonna take the oportunity to tidy up the front end wiring while i am at it..
was done in a rush on the morning of testing before the season started - has survived all season so far...


Last Updated: 09/12/2007 06:35 PM