VX Rebuild Progress..

Currently working on the front clamshell which I bought in a slightly used condition for 300 quid.....
When I say slightly used - I mean that the previous owner had smacked it into a kerb or other solid object and broken the under tray off and smashed it up pretty good.

Building up the front lip so I have something to bond to.

Some of the home made sheets being attached to the front lip,
once dry will be able to bend them to shape.

Home made corner piece, will grind off excess material to make correct shape once I have several layers behind the basic shape.

In this photo you can see a second layer of fibreglass below that of mine - this is from previous owners attempted repairs.

Other work, -
Removed steering lock, was a bit easier than i thought as I was able to take out the whole column, then drill / whack the lock off the bracket....

lock once removed... background is one of my home made fibreglass panels waiting to be fitted.

Steering column bottom showing lock missing.

Replaced rear Brake hoses with Goodridge

Replaced Front hoses as well.......

Started work repairing the engine cover - removed the water shield from the cover to help with better cooling. - stuck some metal tape on to protect the GRP.

partial fix of damaged edge, this will take several layers of fibre to fix, and probably some hours with the dremel...

Fancy oil coolers arrived today, i was gonna use one big 23 row cooler, but found out for the same money I could have two 19 row ones instead..


Last Updated: 11/30/2006 04:01 PM