Snetterton - Double Header

Got my new swirl pot and transponder fitted on Wednesday evening.. All looks OK, - more about that later.

Managed to blag a lift from Cedric - one of my very generous neighbours who has a very serviceable tow vehicle - Vauxhall Frontera - its a Isuzu Trooper really.
Set off Saturday lunchtime after a few trials getting the car to start - it seems some numpty left it switched on Wednesday and the battery was flat...
Arrived in record time - 5 hours to Snetterton - 250 miles.
Parked up next to John H, and pitched the tents while we still had day light. off to the bar for a few beers.
Retired early, but was woken up by a strange noise in the night, a funny scraping noise, went back to sleep to the sound of Cedric snoring... note to self get a tent with sound proofing next year:-)
Got up at 07:00 to find a large mole hill outside tent door. - that explains the funny noise in the night.

Signed on, and made way back to car, damn thing wouldn't start again - got it going - it was a bit damp over night. went to a few laps of the paddock, got back to a funny smell - petrol, and a drip from underneath, - it appears that my swirl pot had a leak, - no time to fix it, had to go to new drivers briefing, got that done, right gotta go to scrutineering now, better fix car first, managed to remove swirl pot and re-fit old fuel filter in its place.
Last car in and out of scrutineering., about 20 mins to go to practice session.


It stared raining, went round at reasonable speed, had a few sideways moments under breaking, seemed to be lot of back brake and very little front, that will be because the whole front end is new and i haven't bled the brakes properly.
Lots of other people on slicks falling off all over the place.
Back to paddock early to redo brake bleeding, and prepare a set of slightly better tyres for the front in case rain stayed around.

Race 1

Rain tyres not needed, glorious sunshine and dry track.
Went out from usual place at the back of grid, managed to catch both Julian and Alan off the rolling start, Alan got past me at the first corner and Julian stayed behind for 2 or 3 laps... then came through and I followed him round for a while, caught him up later on and passed easily - something wrong - turned out he had bent the steering.
Carry on until end of race in a similar fashion - trying not to fall off or get in the way too much. Finished 2nd in class and had opted to play my Joker - 36 points - yippee.

Race 2

Still dry, very slight rain for about 3 minutes before we started - stuck on same tyres.
Qualified near back based on race 1 finish, Julian being behind me this time. Managed to get round without incident, didn't see hide nor hair of Julian for whole race - apparently no 5th gear. And on last lap managed to pass Alan running what looked like a rather sick Fiesta
Ended up 2nd in class again, another 18 points, no one can catch me in class D now,and should still be sixth overall.

Not sure in going to Rockingham, may spend the money on a tow bar for the Bora instead - saves borrowing tow cars all the time.


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