Throttle Body & Loom

been busy making up a 6mm ally plate to fit the seat to, and hopefully protect my backside from any
sharp pointy objects poking through the floor of the car.

nice Jenvey throttle body, had to replace the standard one, as i blew up the ECU and melted the loom,
it was "fly by wire" and no-one seems to be able to do an aftermarket ECU for that.
This is the same spec as those used on touring cars.

finished job.

got the rest of new tyres.
Gonna start off using the R888s until I get my second set of wheels and some 15" slicks for the front. - got bags of 17" for the rear.

wiring loom, waiting for the ECU on wednesday.

even got a dash now - just used to hide all the wires.


Last Updated: 03/24/2007 08:00 PM