September 6th & 7th Anglesey - Wet ! 2nd Outing this year...

fun drive to Anglesey, peeing it down and slow traffic, managed to get the trailer to aquaplane... not nice.

arrived in plenty of time Friday night, took 5 goes at reversing trailer into a very tight paddock space, had to jack Simon's trailer up on trolley jacks to move it 6" sideways.. check out the first photo to see how tight it was...

Saturday qualifying
Not good, having failed scrutineering for the first time ever, got a ticket to qualify and a list of jobs to fix before i could race...

Went round will an horrendous amount on understeer and had to use the power to slide the back end round... Not great pace, 2:14 was best time... bad , really bad..

Saturday Race 1
Having spent what felt like ages fixing scruit problems, and getting car re-checked... went out and did a reasonable 2:01 best lap, mostly at the back

car, nice and cosy in the tent... believe me we needed it on the Saturday.

Saturday Night,
Beers and party in the tent.

Sunday Qualily 2
Bit better than Saturday, spend a few hours fixing set up problems, added 2 degrees more camber all round, and lowered ride height by 1 inch.
Managed to fall off the track on the fastest part of the circuit, got back on the grey stuff and promptly spun round 5 complete 360 rotations.... nearly got collected by the red exige... Stephen is far to observant to hit me, did something similar to him last year as well.. didn't qualy last and was feeling a lot more comfortable in the car.

Sunday Race 2
All set for a good race, Dom cleaned all the mud off the car - see photo below...
Had a great ding-dong with Simon, was behind for first couple of laps and then decided to stop being such a wuzz and get the hammer down. Passed him up the inside on the exit of the bowled hairpin and managed to stay out front for the rest of the race... Had a few close moments with various other drivers rejoining directly in front of me... had a good

muddy VX... need to put wheels from patrol on next time

my mate Dom. Murphy... top spanner man...


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