Cadwell Park - Scorcher

Nice journey over - only 3 hours from home - was a bit hot in the van, hoped the weather held up and the forecast gave option for basically any / all types of weather. - turned out to be a scorcher 28C+

Arrived early and got to see Chris going round doing his testing - looked pretty smooth....
Spotted Stuart with his Porsche on trailer - "how come you are always the first to arrive" i asked, dunno came the reply - "blown my engine so I'm off"
Got set-up nice and close to the circuit gate, - would prove useful later.
Have made quite a few changes after Pembrey - trying to eek some more speed.... engine moded for more power, and lower suspension all round.
Went to scrutineering - no issues with the car, except drivers side rear tyre catching on wheel arch, - had a look - result of collision at Pembrey, "adjusted it" - with a lump hammer...

Went out for practice at 11:00 - damn its hot, managed to last two laps - everything cut out, unfortunately was stuck half way up the mountain.... not a great place to be, rolled it back into a safe corner and sat out the rest of practice - hoping clerk of the course would let me race at the back - where I normally start anyway.
Assuming I can fix it. - got towed back - shame of it. Spent next hour chasing electrical problem, and in Anne-Marie's usual way she suggested it might be "that bit there", after a bit more chasing around with meter, got the Haynes book out, Chris came over and said "is that bit of wire supposed to be attached to something ?" - yeah the bit that A-M pointed at...
Stuck piece of wire back on - and it worked - yippee... now to talk to the Clerk and see if I can race... "yeah sure, don't worry about it"... off for a celebratory can of coke.

Now to sit around for 3-4 hours getting very hot....

Started at the back, got Trevor and the big Lancia in front left and Chris's UNO in front right, - some one to follow possibly so that i don't fall off after the first lap. Nice warm up lap, everyone keeping out of each other's way. Rolling start - nearly got Trevor as a "Hood ornament" - found out later he kept sticking it in 1st.....

Got close the Chris once, and then that was the last I saw of him until he lapped me near the end... spent most of the race watching the temp gauges rise, yeah have a working oil temp gauge now - it was getting scary high 150C+.

Having real problems with what felt like an engine stutter, and the rear suspension which I had fitted late Friday was making a horrible noise, turned out later that the rear suspension top mounts had managed to wriggle themselves inside the car, so I was running metal strut top to metal panel work, not nice - made a hell of a noise - thought the back wheels were falling off.

Managed to get lapped a second time by the Primera, and limped home to take the chequered flag and another bunch of points for my tally. 16 I think, gives me 90 points overall 8th in championship and still leading Class D. Picked up another trophy, - 3rd in class, 15th overall (yeah 15 finished) got the full range of LMA silverware now.

Interesting journey home, missed one of the turns on a country lane and ended up going the scenic route... 4 hours in total... gonna put the engine back to how it was at Pembrey, and put some stronger top mounts on rear suspension.

Video of me being lapped by Simon Jackson (thanks for the video Simon) TIM_CADWELL.wmv


Last Updated: 07/01/2005 12:51 AM