Preparation For Pembrey 12th & 13th May - First Double Header

Following on from small changes made at Rockingham, I have been "fiddling" with suspension settings etc.

Nearly made the usual mistake of changing two things at once, ie adding more rear camber, and adjusting the shocks to be stiffer..... No !!!!! don't do it, "Adjust one thing at once !" is the rule, so I have undone the camber changes and gone with stiffer dampers for now...

Adjusting camber is interesting, between the top (round joint ) and the hub, are 3 small thin shims - slivers of metal, you add/remove these to adjust the tilt of the rear hub...

I had originally removed them and replaced with some new fancy stainless ones obtained from
Decided as well as adding 25% stiffer settings on the shocks it was an adjustment too far, - put the shims back as before.

Once I am happy with the shocks, i will "twiddle" with the camber settings, I suspect mostly on the front.

Spot the nice new ( and still clean ) Nitron shocks, the blue bit you can just see at the bottom is the adjuster.... lots of "clicks" to play with.


Last Updated: 05/08/2007 01:48 AM