Mallory Park - Not Last !

Travelled down Saturday to arrive at tea time, was first Euro Saloon on the paddock, got a prime spot next to food outlet and close enough to toilets for those "nervous nature breaks".
Managed to meet up with eBay contact and collect a new bonnet for a tenner - result...
Set up tent and pitch, - retire to bar for beers and something to eat.. met up with some mini guys and chewed the fat until bed time...

Went round nice and slow to start with, not been here before - nice circuit, apparently less than 1 minute is a target - no chance there, managed 1.02. something or other - wasn't last on the grid - managed to lap 0.7 sec faster than Julian... yippee not last for a change... that's one target met.

Started on second to last row, with Trevor, Chris in front and Alan alongside, - seems strangely reminiscent of Cadwell - hoped Trevor could find a gear other than 1st... seemed not an issue as he dropped out after a short time - fuelling problems I believe.

Had Julian all over the back off me for a few laps while he was warming up his tyres... got past me after about 3 or 4 laps - bugger - gonna have to work like hell not to finish 5th in class - the Suzuki had retired after 1 lap. - Had full-on sideways incident at Gerard's - managed to correct it and not fall off - must have looked kinda scary from behind - oil on track..

Continued chasing Julian for a few laps - managed to sneak past him on the hairpin at one point only to be caught again on back straight.

Followed him around for a few more laps, got him up the inside on Gerard's, - got a tow behind Stuart, this was payback for a similar move Julian did to me at Brands last time there.

Half way round - noticed Chris parked up near pit straight, got to keep ahead of Julian for a 3rd in class now - yeah like I need more pressure.

Had Julian all over me again, - mostly on the back straight - I had a strange engine stutter while exiting Gerard's - suspect fuel starvation problems. He kept catching me on the bit where I should be faster. - All the way through this Anne-Marie is on the hill near the hairpin, screaming all sorts at me to make me go faster - Apparently... didn't hear a thing.

2 laps from the end - again on back straight Julian was almost along side (on the outside) when I got a bit close to a faster car lapping us, was taking the line and drifting to the apex when I noticed dust in my side mirror - whoops - just ran Julian off the track - mental note to self - "not nice thing to do, gotta go over and apologise after race". Managed to hold Julian off until last hairpin, now its a drag race to the finish line, was on the slightly shorter inside line on last corner, managed to pip him at the line - probably by 0.5 of a second.

nope its official:

69 Tim Morgan-Barrett VW Golf GTi20:43.244
19 Julian Brown Fiat Punto20:43.379

yeah, that's 0.135 of a second - I think

cool hey, two goals in one weekend, - not to qualify last in class, not to finish last in class, and extra bonus got another pot in a field of 6 in class.

16 more points, - still leading class D, and still 6th Overall.


Last Updated: 09/06/2005 09:43 AM