We Have Joined "The Boost-ey Boys"

I know i said i wasn't gonna muck around with the engine too much, but i saw this on eBay going cheap !!!

yeah - we got a big dump valve.
I have by-passed the standard one, and now have joined the "whoosh" boys...

Got some new pads - mintex extreeeeme! have to see how they compare to the C-Tec ones.
have got a whole load of standard ones kicking around as spares.

and a second fan, at this rate i won't need to run the engine,
just get pulled along by wind power - not sure how long the red-top battery would last though.
the second fan is an inch smaller but i don't suppose it will make that much difference in the scheme of things...


Last Updated: 03/07/2007 06:31 PM