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We are a dedicated team of "petrol heads" and regularly attend race meetings up and down the country at all the top circuits.

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New Engine Mounts Fitted...
Updates: New Fire Extinguisher
Updates: New Numbers
Fixing: Oil leak.
Tim Morgan-Barrett - Driver Profile
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Engine Assembly 240 BHP Target - Plan B
Engine Assembly Today 240 BHP Target
Sunday Morning Workout
Aug 12th Bedford
Big Rears...
Back In Garage.. winter home
Spare Engine Build
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2013 Race Dates
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2012 Race Dates
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2011 Race Dates
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Engine Going Back Together - slowly
New Pistons & Balanced Rods
Balanced Crank
Piston Damage - lucky to get away with this...
2010 - Preparation - More Work
2010 Preparation -More Work
2010 Race Preparation - Finally Started
2010 Race Dates
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